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Peter Sylvester

My philosophy is that photography is not a hobby for me. My interest is life. I don't do this because I believe it's my destiny to grip a camera. Life, love, and relationships are what make our little time here beautiful, and photography allows me to capture and share that beauty with others.

My photography is about the things that matter most in life: the memories we make and the people with whom we share them. By documenting crinkly smiles, tearful vows, and jumping-up-and-down-with-excitement-because-you-just-married-your-best-friend moments, I hope to help bring people together and remind us of the love and happiness we share.

I create photographs that are timeless about life and relationships.



“Peter Sylvester aptitude as a photographer was obvious; we'd seen his work and appreciated wedding images taken by friends. What he demonstrated to us was not just how important professional etiquette is to his — showing up on time, explaining timeframes, and responding promptly — but also how much his true enthusiasm for what she does and his genuine kindness make all the difference. We can't imagine our wedding day without her! Peter Sylvester, thank you very much!”

“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”